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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First Show of the Semester Recording (1/27)

Sweetness. We're back in a new timeslot (Tuesdays 2-4PM), so if you had class during our first show, he's your chance to listen anyways.

As always, click the title above or here to download the mp3 version of the show, or you can stream it below:

Park Lane

On this week's show, we featured the song "The Fallen" from a band from the Bay Area called Park Lane. We urge you to check out their myspace if you want to hear some more.

First Show of the Semester Playlist (1/27)

The Game-Big Dreams
Kid Cudi- Day 'n' Nite
Bloc Party- Talons
Coconut Records- Microphone
Neutral Milk Hotel- Holland, 1945
Pendulum- Propane Nightmares
Fleet Foxes- Blue Ridge Mountains
Anberlin- The Feel Good Drag
Handsome- Swimming
Shelter- Civilized Man
The Offspring- Defy You
San Quinn - A Boy to a Man
Supertouch- How Do You Feel?
Texas is the Reason- Back and to the Left
Bossman- AYO
Lily Allen- Fuck You
Fucked Up- Black Albino Bones
Beastie Boys- Flute Loop
Park Lane- The Fallen
Lil Wayne- Prom Queen
POS- Stand Up, Let's Get Murdered
311- Purpose
Bad Brains- Voyage to Infinity
Blackalicious- Alphabet Aerobics
Clipse- Chinese New Year
Morrissey- I'm Throwing my Arms Around Paris
The Get Up Kids- Ten Minutes
Balance and Composure- Alone for Now
NASA- Spacious Thoughts
Man Overboard- Love Your Friends Die Laughing

Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Time Slot

Loyal listeners,

Since it's a new semester, we now have a new time slot. We will be on the air Tuesdays from 2-4. We would like to thank David Summers for switching time slots with us, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to broadcast our nonsense.

Come Tuesday (1/27) we will have our first show of the semester. It will be full of leaked tracks, old favorites, Scranton and Bay artists, and other crap.

As The Game says...
The whole world been waitin' on him,
Here I come, droptop Phantom,
I'm skatin' on 'em, look around,
All the bitch niggas hatin' on him,
Mad cause I'm Chronic 2008in' on them,
Big cars, big wheels, big chains,
Big pimpin', big money,
Big Dreams...Dreams, Dreams.