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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Well here it is folks, summer 2010. Actually was enjoying a relaxing few weeks at home, but I am back in DC now, so I figured I would come with my summer play list up to this point.

-Been on a SERIOUS cali kick recently for some reason. 2 albums I have been continually spinning are Pennywise- Full Circle and Bad Religion- Against the Grain. These two albums are great summer time listening with plenty of sing alongs. They remind me of skateboarding, jumping off tall things into water, and everything else I love doing in summer. Also shout outs to Rancid- And Out Come the Wolves. One of my all time favorite albums, especially good in the summer.

- Gotta say I have been a little underwhelmed by the rap game so far this summer. Major releases from Drake and Eminem. Drake record is okay, definitely some big radio play hits, but only so much I can take of his fake robot singing voice. The Em record I respect, not gonna front like I am a big Em fan, but I'm sure for "those people" it's a classic. New mixtapes from Rick Ross and T.I. are also pretty good, but I am still waiting for a banger. Listen to Roc Marciano in the mean time.

- I'd say I've been spinning some weird college radio nerd shit recently, but there are a few indie bands I like. My top three picks would have to be 1) The XX 2) Best Coast and 3) Beach House. All put out cool albums in the last couple months, though not the best summer listening. I have also been jamming Lemuria, which is a pretty cool girl fronted band that just signed with Bridge 9? WTF? Also been checking out the new Walter Schreifels record, An Open Letter to the Scene, which features some cool acoustic covers of hardcore songs, from bands such as Agnostic Front and Civ. Keep an eye out for a new LP from Wilkes-Barre's own Gypsy in the next few months. Will be wild!

- Wasn't sure if I should put this band in indie or punk so I gave them their own category. I discovered Hostage Calm about 3 months ago, when I first heard a track from their upcoming S/T record on Run For Cover records. Literally doing some of the coolest shit right now musically, and I am really stoked to hear their LP when it comes out in July. Their first LP sounds like Dag Nasty, a DC band that seems to get no love any more, and their new record sounds just wild and unique. I love seeing a band step outside what's currently "cool" and just come up with something out of the blue. Big ups to the song "Ballots/Stones", which you can check out at myspace.com/hostagecalmct

- Summer is the best for punk and hardcore. Definitely some cool releases that have been coming out. Some of my friends in Dead End Path put out a very heavy 7", entitled Death Walks Beside Us, on Triple B records, heavily influenced by Death Threat, All Out War, and Alice in Chains. Also a new record on that label from Richmond's Fire & Ice that is awesome. Sounds even more like the Icemen, Burn, Dynamo, etc. all the best NYHC that your average norman coreman ignores these days.
Show wise, his year's annual This is Hardcore festival is coming STRONG with one of the best fest lineups in recent memory. Features classic NYHC such as the Mags and SHEER TERROR, who haven't played a show in a couple years at least. Fest is also rounding up with three back-to-back sets from no doubt the 3 MOST IMPORTANT hardcore bands ever to come out of Philly, Blacklisted, Kid Dynamite, and Ink & Dagger. Definitely will be a great weekend, looking forward to it majorly.
Other notable shows will the 4th of July BANGER in Richmond. Down to Nothing's set will sure to be wild, hope I can make it out. Also looking forward to seeing Underdog with Cold World at the Jersey Shore in a few weeks. Those two together is always a great combo, and this show has my pick for best show of the summer.

Anyway, hope everyone is having a good summer, and check in for more updates soon, as I am planning on having a radio show starting this week!