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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts on LOST

Well, it is with great displeasure that I am writing this article tonight, in the wake of the series finale of Lost, the show that has captivated the hearts and minds of America, including myself, for the past 7 years. I can't think of any show in my lifetime, or in the past, that has generated the amount of buzz and hype as Lost, as people across the world were hooked by its cliffhanger mysteries and complex plot lines. As someone who has watched Lost from basically Season 1, whereas most have gotten in the game late via hulu, dvd's, etc., the show has become such a regular part of my life that it's kind of weird to think I won't be watching it anymore.

So- some thoughts on the final episode. First off, I think it was cool how the final episode reunited everyone. I think it was great how the little "reconnection" scenes allowed us to remember the depth and storied past of many of the relationships, just as much of the last season has been about reminding us why we all loved Lost in the first place. Another thing I liked about this episode was that it really refocused the show on Jack. To me, Jack has always been THE main character, and it was kind of a bummer to me that they moved away from his story, but in the end, I believe they returned to the saga of the island as Jack's struggle. And in a sense, Jack's struggle embodies the struggles of many of us. By the final episode he is a broken man, having lost family, love, struggled with addiction, faith, and purpose, but in the end he follows his heart, and finds happiness, though, ultimately only through sacrificing his life. I was happy to see Jack finally end up with Kate. I just wish the ending was a little more clear cut (was the flash sideways reality, purgatory, etc?).

In the end, I think the reason Lost has been so successful is that it addresses those questions that we all must ask ourselves at some point. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Lost takes aim at these deep unanswerable and nagging questions. Ultimately, the central theme of Lost seems to be destiny. Every man is destined for greatness, though many, like Season 1-5/6 Jack, try to ignore their true calling until it's too late.

Overall, I have to say Lost is one of my favorite shows of all time. Both it's entertainment value as a mystery and drama, combined with its deeper philosophical messages, though at times heavy-handed, make it one of the most poignant shows of all time. In a world where many shows are content to stick to the family sitcom, Lost breaks out of the TV shell and dares to shake us up a little. It challenges us to look deeper, ask questions, and to find our own island in life.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yes Y'all and You Don't Stop

Ah, yes. I'm coming straight at you from floor 1 of Lauinger Library, straight procrastinating finals style. We've reached that time of year again, the temperature is up and the #BEBZ are out, kid. Break out your purple label shit (logo secret) and let's get a look at what's popping off for SUMMER 2010: Part 1.


Yup, just in time for summer, one of my favorite rap crews of all time, DipSet has finally reunited. Cam'Ron and Jim Jones squashed their 4-5 year beef. Reminds me of summer 2005, listening to Purple Haze and watching Fade To Black on the way to the Bahamas. 2000-2005 was the golden era of Roc-a-Fella, with the label just DOMINATING the rap game. They had Jay-Z, Kanye, Dip Set, Freeway, State Prop, etc etc. Literally ALL the best rap albums of the 00's came out on Roc-a-Fella, and this was a great time to be a rap fan. Hope this little reunion can spark some unity and bring HOV back to the crew after that nasty Def-Jam beef.

2) New Jams

For me it's too hard to pick just one album I'm stoked for this summer, so I will just name a few. On one side of shit we got the Tigers Jaw/Balance & Composure split LP, as well as the new Tigers Jaw LP. These are both two dope PA bands that have just gotten better with each release, so you know I'm psyched to see them team up. Also excited to see what Tigers Jaw has up their sleeve for this new LP, since literally they have impressed me more and more with each release. Also coming off Run for Cover Records is a newer band called Hostage Calm. Never really heard of them until I downloaded the RfC spring sampler and hear their new song, Jerry Rumspringer. DAMN it's a post-hardcore-poppy banger, and, after checking out their last LP, Lense, I will be sure to cop their new LP, also due out in the next few weeks.

In the rap game, there are a few things I am excited for. One is kind of a guilty pleasure, and that's the new Rick Ross LP, Teflon Don. His last album is literally the perfect summer-time pool party banger marathon, and I can only hope this new record matches up. With rhymes about ripping Miami on yachts, this album is sure to make the sound track for your summer party of choice, whether it be east coast style BBQ or west coast style gangster rap pool party shit. Also excited to hear new shit from Jay Electronica, as well as FREEWAY - again bringin the ROC and Philly back. Guilty Pleasure of the month: B.o.B.- Airplanes. Sure I kind of hate everything about this dude, but yall know I got a thing for Hayley Paramore and she sings the hook for this, which works really well for a rap song. I'm sure this song will be all over the place in the next 2-3 months.

and finally brrrrr....

3) Iced Coffee
Yea, weird, I know. BUT I have never really been a coffee fan before this round of finals. Drank it a few times in Italy just cause they have the illest coffee game, but something about hot drinks that I just can't get into. ICED coffee, however, is actually pretty good. Guess it's time to get my grown ass man game on. Can't drink a tea I'm 20+ gimme me a iced coffee and a LOLO button up!

Part 2 Coming Soon....