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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fifth Show Playlist (10/20)

All Mixed Up- 311
Start Today- Gorilla Biscuits
The Buzzkill- Sage Francis
Om Nia Merican- Saul Williams
Shake Your Rump- The Beastie Boys
Drop- Pharcyde
Regulate- Warren G featuring Nate Dogg
Theme Song to a New Brunswick Basement Show- Lifetime
Anxiety Asking- Turning Point
Degausser- Brand New
Memories in F Minor- Chronic Future
Without Fear- Underdog
I Need Air- Justice
Can't Be Touched- Roy Jones Jr.
Fall Back- Big L
Shoes- Atmostphere
Never Saw it Coming- Tiger's Jaw
Eyes- Rogue Wave
We Built This City- The Diplomats
DC Gorillaz- Wale
Walking with a Ghost in Paris- Party Ben
Right Brigade- Bad Brains
Black Republican- Jay Z and Nas
Touch Me, I'm Sick- Mudhoney
Where's My Mind?- The Pixies
Safe and Sound- Rebelution
Kingpin- Leeway

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