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Monday, October 13, 2008

Fourth Show Playlist

Labor Day-Black Eyed Peas
The Prelude- Jay Z
Put It On- Big L
Play Your Part Pt. 1- Girl Talk
Shove It- Santogold
Don't Leave Me- Blink 182
Daytona 500- Ghostface Killah
Balaclava- The Arctic Monkeys
Dreadlock Holiday- 10cc
While You Were Sleeping- H.R.
Atari-Lucky Boy's Confusion
Electric Relaxation- A Tribe Called Quest
Champion- Kanye West
Firefly- Saves the Day
The Maritimes- Classified
Trouble Lives- Common Market
Burnt Offering- Blue Scholars
Clap Hands Two Guns- The Menzingers
Take What You Take- Lily Allen
On Top of the World- T.I.
I Like it I Love It- Lyrics Born
Old Time Problem- Pepper
Ramble On- Led Zeppelin
Jane Says- Jane's Addiction
New Low- Middle Class Rut
OPP- Naughty By Nature
Kick Some Ass- Stroke 9

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