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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Club Trillion

I don't want to study, so I am going to blog about a blog. After trolling the Internet, going through every site known to man, I stumbled upon Yahoo! and saw an article about the NBA forcing this guy from Ohio State, Mark Titus, to drop out of the NBA draft. I got interested since for once Yahoo! posted something interesting besides their constant lists about which are the most polluted or cheapest or most dog-friendly places to live in America. Anyways, David Stern felt that Mark Titus was making a "mockery" of the process. This season he played in two games for one minute each, he has one defensive rebound and one steal, far from the trillion points for which he strives. The article on Yahoo! compares Mark Titus to Tucker Max, so I decided to check out his blog, ClubTrillion.com.

He appears on Bill Simmons' BS Report every now and then, so you check that out as well. But one of the funniest posts he wrote was about the team's trip to Minnesota when a few of the guys got stuck in the elevator.

Apparently this blog recently got to a million hits, which is pretty impressive. And though this guy is the 12th man on the Buckeyes, people all over the Big 10 chant "Titus" whenever Ohio State shows up. Needless to say, this guy has made a name for himself all over this country by writing about his experiences on the bench. And though Ohio State has recently returned to the college basketball spotlight, the 12th man has become one of the most popular, famous guys on the team. I guess he tried to translate this fame into an NBA career, but alas, no such luck. Thankfully, he'll be returning for his senior year next year to continue his chances at reaching a trillion.

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