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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Decker Hardcore Show Playlist (4/21)

Agnostic Front- One Voice
Biohazard- Shades of Grey
Breakdown- Sick People
Bold- Speak Out
Cro-Mags- The Paths of Perfection
Crown of Thornz- Icepick
Outburst- Intro
Warzone- Intro/Bust
Floorpunch- Intro/Changes
Dmize- Intro
Dmize- Soul Search
Gorilla Biscuits- High Hopes
Judge- Just Like You
Killing Time- Fool's Die
Leeway- All About Dope
Madball- True to the Game
Madball- Hold it Down
Merauder- Life of My Own
Sick of it All- GI Joe Headstomp
Straight Ahead- Straight Ahead
Supertouch- Climbing Aboard
Mental- Climb Aboard
Underdog- Back to Back
Underdog- Say it To My Face
Ten Yard Fight- First and Ten
In My Eyes- On My Side
Count me Out- Another Year
Ten Yard Fight- The Only Way
Bad Seed- Cheated
Cold World- Liars, Thieves
Title Fight- Western Haikus
War Hungry- Tip Your Scale
Rick Ross- Maybach Music 2
RZL DZL- High Rollers
Fabolous- It's My Time
Clipse- Kinda Like a Big Deal

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